• Articulator 12000 Plus Pink

The Dentflex Articulator model 12000 Plus Pink is a high precision equipment that was developed for the mandibular movements' simulation, with the purpose of studying the occlusion and confection of the devices that will be used later by the patient.

• Semi-adjustable (Arcon);
• Fixed intercondylar distance in 110 mm;
• Condylar guide with adjustable tilt from 0 to 60 degrees;
• Accurate lateral movements (bennett), with adjustments from 0 to 30 degrees;
• System that allows to attach the upper branch to the lower branch, adjusting the lateral movements and returning to the central position;
• Condilic guide with curved path;
• Central Condylar lock, allows to open the articulator 180 degrees without losing its position;
• Incisal Block to support the upper branch in the open position.