• Articulator 10600

Articulator Semi Adjustable 10600 Arcon Type is used to simulate the maxillomandibular relationships and movements of the patient in the laboratory, with the purpose of studying the occlusion and confection of devices that will be used later by the patient. It accompanies the Face Bow which is used to record the spatial position of the patient's upper dental arch in relation to the skull and transfer this record to the Articulator 10600.

• Higher strength and lightness, because the product is constructed of aluminum alloys;
• High precision of movements, built with machined parts in high tech computerized equipment;
• Adjustable intercondylar distance through spacers;
• Condylar guide with adjustable inclination from 0º to 60º;
• Accurate lateral movements (bennett), with adjustments from 0º to 30º;
• Spring system that allows the upper and lower branches to be attached, adjusting the lateral movements and returning to the central position;
• Easy release of the upper and lower branches, allowing in a practical way the separation of the branches;
• Accompanies Face Bow and carrying case for transportation.