• Df 300
  • Df 300

This equipment has been developed for the functions: cut, abrasion, cutting and polishing of dental prostheses.

Indications and objectives:

The intended use of this equipment is to assist the professional called "prosthetic" in manufacturing and / or alteration of dental prosthetic.

Power of 127V and 220V.

Frequency 60Hz

Variable Speed of Handpiece - 2000 to 35,000 RPM.
Maximum torque: 380 gf / cm (3.75 N).
This engine has a speed indication system leds. The speed adjustment is done via a potentiometer with its full speed range divided into 14 steps.
It has two buttons and one to change the direction of rotation and the other to set up the drive of the handpiece, foot pedal or keyboard. All functions of the button are marked by their respective LEDs.

Dimensions of the drill shank - 2.35 mm (ISO 7785-2, type 2)
Minimum length of drill set stem - 10mm
Maximum length of projected mandrel - 35mm;