• Beta-Air Module

Beta-air Modular is fully built with steel sheets painted electrostatically to ensure excellent finish and durability.
You can receive any type of handpiece, because your terminal has universal coupling Borden.
Your air system has a precise throttle, manual trap for the removal of excess water system, ultraprecision filter ensuring clean air and pressure gauge for easy reading.
The progressive pneumatic pedal allows rapid activation of the handpiece and effective control of your speed.
Beta-air modular features compact design, allowing the user to have a quick and easy access to its controls.
It is a simplified installation equipment, needing only a source of compressed air.
His office has non-slip feet of silicone.

• One connection Borden ( 2 holes ) according to the ISO 9168 standard.
• Pressure regulator .
• manual vent .
• 5 micron ultra-precision filter.
• Pedal progressive tire.
• Cabinet in steel plate .
• Silicone feet .
• Nipples made of chromed metal .

Dimensions :

Height = 20 cm
Width = 21 cm
Depth = 20 cm
Net weight = 1.8kg