• Df 3

The Modular DF-3 is designed for work in dental clinics and veterinary laboratories. Its small size and sleek design provide a small space utilization and easy installation. It can be adapted in many different environments.

It has two tips with Borden connection type for high and low speed, providing compatibility with a wide range of equipment (handpieces) available on the market.

The third tip is equipped with a triple syringe model ST1 Dentflex.
The triple syringe ST1 has rounded design (no sharp corners) and aluminum cable (super lightweight) which provide excellent handling.

The modular DF-3 has also progressive pneumatic pedal providing a better drive control and more precise work.

The water reservoir has a maximum capacity of 500 ml.
Hoses included.

The modular is factory calibrated and adjusted.


Total weight: 2.7 Kg
Tips: 3 (2 and 1 Borden Triple Syringe).


• Cabinet Height = 7 cm.
• Overall height (water reservoir) = 27 cm.
• Width: 17 cm.
• Depth = 33 cm.

High Speed Working Pressure = 35 lb / in ^ 2 (adjustable).
Micro Motor Working Pressure = 45 lb / in ^ 2 (adjustable).