Jetflex I

Jetflex I

Pneumatic mechanical device which applies bicarbonate crystals, air and water spray on the teeth allowing the removal or reduction of dark spots.

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  • Jetflex I

Handpiece with bold design, providing great ergonomics and ease sterilization . Made with high quality materials, has body built of anodized aluminum and chrome-plated brass which guarantees lightness to the product

It has rotating and removable nozzle made entirely of stainless steel and aluminum , easy coupling to the body of the tool, ensures the rapid sterilization procedures (only the instrument tip can be autoclaved ) .

Easy access bicarbonate container already attached to the apparatus body , a transparent plastic cover enables a quick monitoring of the amount of bicarbonate being consumed .

Performs the mixture of three elements ( air, water and bicarbonate) used away from the application nozzle from clogging or obstruction of the ducts .

With coupling Borden type ( two holes ) can be easily installed in the offices .

Powser Jet Instrument Jetflex 1 is a pneumatic mechanical device that applies a jet bicarbonate crystals , air and water in the teeth allowing the removal or reduction of dark spots caused by smoking, coffee, tea etc.

Working Pressure: From 30 to 40 PSI .

Its fitting to the device is through the Borden connection model , whose dimensions are in accordance with the ISO 9168 standard.

Weight according to the following table:

Net Weight (g ) 144
Weight with packaging ( g ) 270

The instrument has one year warranty and is delivered to the consumer in lined cardboard box with foam, thus ensuring greater safety in storage and transportation, along with the handpiece are sent to the Instructions for Use, the warranty certificate and accessories .