• Academic Kit E-Type LED

The Dentflex E-type Academic Kit brings together the main tools to help the dental student from the classroom to his or her professional life.

High Speed Sigma Air LED
• High torque;
• Light;
• Drill between 1,59 and 1,6 mm diameter;
• Quadruple spray;
• Chuck type Push Button.

Contra Angle FX 110 PB 1:1
• E-type system contra angle;
• Chuck type Push Button;
• Transmission 1:1;
• Head assembled with bearings;
• Uses drills between 2.35 mm and 2.334 mm in diameter.

Air Motor MI 01
• Precise adjustment of rotation by swivel ring, from 3,000 to 25,000 rpm;
• Turbine made of stainless steel that guarantees greater durability;
• E-type system, allows 360° free rotation;
• Low vibration and noise level.

Straight Hand Piece PR 01
• Low vibration and noise level;
• Drill's fixing system through forceps made of stainless steel;
• E-type system, allows 360 ° free rotation.

Note: Warranty until the end of the course against defect of manufacture or for professionals already formed, warranty of 12 months.
Optional: Bag, 200ml Oil Spray Lubricant and Ceramic Bearing.