• High Speed Sigma Air 4S PB QC FO

Sigma Air 4S PB QC FO is a dental handpiece indicated for caries removal, odontosection and restorations removal; as an aid in tooth extraction. Light-conductive high speed handpiece (Fiber Optic), coming from the Dentflex Quick Connector adapter. Made in Brazil.

• Quick coupling connection (QC LUX - Quick Connector adapter required) similar to Multiflex® system;
• With light conductor (optical fiber);
• It does not provide its own light, it only conducts the light produced by the QC LUX - Quick Connector coupling;
• Quadruple spray;
• Push Button drill attachment system;
• High torque;
• Excellent performance and power;
• Ergonomic design with few lines, which facilitates asepsis.