• Implant Motor D Force 1000
  • Implant Motor D Force 1000

Developed with high technology, the DFORCE 1000 motor is designed for implantodontics and surgereries. It presents an adjustable torque of 10 to 55 Ncm (with rotation of 15 to 50 RPM) and 10 programs that allows switching its functions according to any protocol adopted. It has an exclusive display (graphic LCD) which, upon being turned on, reveals the latest performad operation and assists visual control of the programs during procedures.

The motor presents a progressive speed control my means of an activation treadle, which results in convenience and speed for the professional handling it. The motor features a reserve-rotation system through pedal (with a beep tone from the fifth signal up) or through manual reversion (which enables the user to safely and efficiently change the rotation course of the motor).

It also features a micromotor with a universal E-Ttype system, adaptable to all contra-angle brands available on the market. It is elaborated in innovative design; and the motor's structure is made in PU (which makes sterilization easier). Its aesthetic appeal makes it fit in with other design elements at the office.

100ml peristaltic pump - autoclavable at 135o

Enables through sterilization of the ducts of the irrigating solution.

Dual voltage/automatic (works on any voltage 95 to 240 volts or 50/60 Hz) with fuse, power outlets and foot pedal attachment (all external).

Developed in accordance with international standards and security norms. Easy maintenance.

* Bi-volt automático
* Controle de torque de 5 à 55 Ncm
* Display lcd que proporciona controle visual da velocidade e torque no ato da cirurgia
* Bomba peristáltica em alumínio e de fácil manuseio
* Pedal com multifunções
* Possui 10 programas que permitem alterar o funcionamento do motor de acordo com qualquer protocolo utilizado
* Acompanha maleta para transporte

Embalagem com 01 unidade de motor para implante e cirurgia com maleta + acessórios (01 suporte para soro, 01 suporte para micromotor, 01 pedal multifuncional, 01 micromotor e 01 cabo de energia)