• Implant Motor D Force 1000 Fix

Motor for implant dentistry with modern design, based on carbon steel. Developed for bone drilling functions , enlargement of the cavity , tapping and implant placement .
Has fixed at 45 Ncm torque for all surgical procedures .
Use surgical or dental handpieces coupling type ISO 3964 .
Selection and choice of functions by touching the panel .
All speed parameters , handpiece selection and level of peristaltic pump are programmable.
Peristaltic pump located on the back of the machine with a simple system hose´s coupling and uncoupling. This system only allows the hose to be autoclaved , thereby avoiding the mechanical wear of the pump.
Lets do all surgical steps with just a counter angle 20: 1.
It features a multi-function pedal consisting of two push button buttons.
Sterilizable electric micromotor.

Power 127Vca or 220Vac with toggle switch.
The variation of the mains voltage can vary between ± 10 %% .
Variable speed 1000-30000 RPM with the handpiece 1: 1
Can be used with the handpiece 1 : 1, 20 : 1 and 32: 1.