• High Speed Futura 2 1s
  • High Speed Futura 2 1s

Product made of high quality metal, with slightly curved body and a few lines that provide excellent design, ergonomics and ease of sterilization .
High precision components such as bearings , mounted on rubber bearings which lessen vibration.
Ergonomic product with spherical head and with all its rounded edges , which ensures greater safety in handling .
Aluminum rotor, whose design facilitates gain speed.

• 380,000 to 420,000 RPM rotation range.

• Single spray.

• 2.2 to 2.5 bar work pressure (32 to 36 pounds/inch2).

• Spherical head with 12mm of diameter.

• Borden (2 holes) or Midwest (4 holes) connection.

• Burs setting system Friction Grip.

• Models follow the international standards of ISO 7785 for torque and noise level.

1- Terminal Dental Unit Connection
• Insert the FUTURA 2 at the Terminal Dental Unit, looking at the ducts ‘orientation.
• Screw the end of the Terminal Dental Unit or Modular (eg DF 3 - Modular 03 points).
Nota: o terminal do equipo odontológico deve ser fabricado de acordo com a Norma ISO 9168.
2- Inserting and removing the drill
2.1. Friction Grip Model ( FG - bag drill )
• Insert the drill manually on clamp and press against the metal support drills puller .
• Insert the head of the equipment on hand drawer with pin ;
• Pressing holding the drill.
2.2. Push Button Model ( PB )
• Press the center of the button " trigger " at the top of the head to open the clamp , allowing the insertion and removal of the drill.
Note: the drill should contain measured according to ISO 1797-1 .
3. Lubrication:
• Use white mineral oil lubricant dental hand instruments (eg Flexlub ) ;
• Keep the lube bottle upright and the applicator in the supply air ;
• inject lubricant for 2 seconds.
• Lubricate before and after each sterilization cycle.
Note: To remove excess lubricant trigger for 15 seconds FUTURE 2

• Read the product use instructions before using it;
• Product not sterile, sterilize before first use;
• Sterilize by autoclaving at a temperature of up to 135 before and after each use;
• Follow the instructions in the autoclave manufacturer's manual;
• Do not wash the product in ultrasonic cleaners and / or chemical sterilization;
• Use dry compressed air, filtered and free compressor lubrication.
Factory Warranty: valid only for the first owner, upon presentation of the Purchase Invoice. Condition: manufacturing defect.
Term: 3 (three) months from the issuance date of the respective sales receipt for the same.
Legal guarantee: ending the manufacturer's warranty or product being sold by the first owner, there will still be the legal guarantee of ninety (90) days.
Remarks :
Any warranty may be provided additionally by the distributor to the end customer shall be borne exclusively by the same and are not the responsibility of Dentflex .
Parts replaced as a result of the guarantee will be owned by Dentflex .
Search the site dentflex.com.br the list of Authorized Technical Assistance Dentflex .
Warranty loss of reasons:
• Installation and / or operation in disagreement with the Manual of Instructions.
• Product repair attempt by unauthorized persons .
• Lack of lubrication or inadequate lubrication .
• Fall.
Items not covered by warranty :
• Technical offset expenses or outbound freight / around the product.
• Damage to the exterior finish and / or accessories .
Alan Trevizan Chiappa
CREA- SP 5061315280