• Protector for Soft Tissue
  • Protector for Soft Tissue

The soft tissue protector is a mechanical device constructed by chromed metal. Its purpose is to protect tissues that must not come in contact with the rotary cutting tool.
Its use is necessary in cases of surgeries such as: buccomaxilofacil, maxillary sinus lift, bone graft, block removal, orthoguinatic surgery or in any type of procedure that uses saws or cutting discs.

• This device is compatible with the Dentflex Surgical Straight Handpiece SX 110 and the Dentflex Surgical Angular Handpiece SXA 110;
• Its adaptation is quick, simple and easy, just connect it to the tip of the surgical handpiece, either straight or angular;
• It has tube for the irrigation hose's adaptation;
• It can works in conjunction with surgical circular discs or saws with a maximum diameter of 9 mm;
• Easy asepsis, is autoclavable at 135 ºC.