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See 8 tips to help you live well with the device


See 8 tips to help you live well with the device

If you don´t want to be intimidated by the orthodontic treatment, just know a few tricks . You can live well with the device and reduce the daily problems.

Worth checking in the mirror.
Your boss tells you a business lunch with the principal or the invitation is for a super chic cocktail. Nothing worse than being stuck with food in brackets. Therefore, before engaging a conversation , take a pass by the bathroom and make a mouthwash .

No sticky foods.
Chewing gum is also better avoided. Can you imagine the damage , right? And not to smile with that blue whiting in the tooth , the ideal is to avoid sticky and sticky foods , and stay away from vegetables.

Wax to protect the cheek.
In the days after placing the device , it is common to cut the check a little bit. Do not expect a return at the orthodontist to diagnose what caused the cut. There is a polish designed to put in brackets , in the region being hurt. Once it is protected, cheek heals.

Kiss is released
Do not be intimidated when kissing. If the other person also use device , do not worry about getting tangled. It is good to check if there aren´t loose wire not to hurt the partner.

Always brush your teeth .
The oral hygiene follows the same rules . Every time you eat something, use the toothbrush and dental floss .Care prevents tartar and food stuck in the bracket . The string can be passed only at main meals . For convenience, buy wire passes . A kind of plastic needle for easy access inside the arc.

No popcorn at the movies .
Hard foods should be avoided to not break the device constantly and prolong the treatment. Popcorn is a hard food and should be avoided to prevent damage to the device. The apple and carrot can be included in the feed if they are cut with a knife in small portions, never with teeth .

Eat chocolate at home.
By eating chocolate at work or college , the unit may be dirty. Who uses aesthetic devices need to take extra care , as the brackets are more pigmented and clear.

Abuse in style.
For those who are not afraid to dare, the device rubbers are increasingly beautiful , colorful and different . It has star-shaped , playing suit, and even gold .

Source: Portal Terra