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Root Canal Treatment Channel: The Rotating System is not new, BUT IT'S A REVOLUTION!


Root Canal Treatment Channel: The Rotating System is not new, BUT IT'S A REVOLUTION!

I know that the Rotating System is not new in the endodontics practice. But it is still surprising this treatment technique.

In regard to the issue of mechanical root canal preparation, the Revolving system appeared to change in a meaningful way, the profile professional. An automation of the root canal preparation is a reality. And any stage of the endodontic treatment experienced significant evolution as instrumentation, thanks to the significant development of rotary instruments, which justifies the need for studies on the subject.

Between phases of endodontic treatment - beginning with sterilization and antisepsis and ends with the shutter and preservation the case - the biomechanical preparation is one of the most important. This is where we held the odontometry, thus obtaining the ideal length for carrying out the cleaning and shaping of the root canal, leaving it ready for easy filling and hermetic.

Being thus the main objectives of instrumentation through the rotary systems remain similar to those of conventional instrumentation; however, the advantages of the use of rotating instruments represent additional positive aspects, improving the results of the final preparation, when they are used properly.

Such objectives are: root canal center Maintenance (keep original canal anatomy); Debris to decrease beyond apex; Promote cleaning and disinfecting of S. C. R.; Get conical-tapered shape, keeping the apical constriction; Allow irrigation and fillings; Best cleaning and final form of the preparation.

The rotary systems represent a revolution in endodontics, allowing the root canals complete treatment most effective, fast, secure and, above all, quality.

Source: Ortoblog