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Get out the wisdom tooth later can lead to death


Get out the wisdom tooth later can lead to death

For a long time the third molar, known as wisdom teeth, or even, judgment tooth had no time and was extracted in all cases. Recently dentists began to make an assessment, and if the eruption of the tooth has been complete, if he is healthy, well positioned and offers conditions of good oral hygiene, should be preserved.

The biggest problem faced by wisdom teeth, however, is the lack of space to be born. In such cases, the ideal is to be extracted before age 30. "Otherwise, the root of the tooth will calcifying with bone and extraction is more complicated and may even injure the nerves in the region. In addition, the chances of infection are higher over so long," says the dentist, Dr. Cerri, director of the School of Professional Improvement of APCD (Paulista Association of Dental Surgeons).

These are infections that may progress and cause more serious complications, even death. "Typically, the wisdom occupies a difficult access space and quite innervated. There are cases where it remains completely hidden under the gums or where only arises a tip of the tooth. This may result in a problem of major proportions in the future, since the patient not be able to make an ideal hygiene and the chances of the accumulation of bacteria lead to infection are great".

Studies show that the existence of a focus of infection in the mouth or jaw bones impacts the occurrence of serious health problems such as pericarditis, myocardial infarction and crashes cerebrovascular (stroke). "In the elderly, the most common inflammation and infection focus are wisdom teeth not extracted," said Cerri.

So it is recommended to visit a dentist regularly, at intervals of six months, and take good care of the oral hygiene, making use of soft brush teeth and floss. "Only a good professional, equipped with a panoramic x-ray of the patient's mouth, can assess the implications of keeping or extracting wisdom teeth”.

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