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Tongue test is law


Tongue test is law

Since December 2014, every newborn should do the Tongue Test. The exam became mandatory to Law 13,002 / 2014 and should be done soon after the baby's birth in hospitals and maternity hospitals in the public or private network.

The procedure detects if there is any change in the lingual frenulum (also known as a brake), which is a small membrane which connects the tongue to the bottom of the mouth. The problem takes its name from ankyloglossia, popularly known as "tongue-tied".

If not corrected, can lead to many problems, as the baby does not nurse right, take to consume solid food, and eventually acquire speech problems. According to dentists, can lead to the risk of gagging and choking child.

The law in practice
Despite the law already exists, there is still a protocol of care to be followed by professionals. According to Dr. Ismael Lucas Pinto, the CRO-DF, the test should be the responsibility of the dentist. According to him, the ideal would be that all children at birth were submitted to the examination of Coagulation by following, if possible, the protocol below.

1. All children must be examined by a DC at birth.
2. If necessary, the DC carries the tongue release surgery.
3. Failing to contact a DC, or temporary absence of a DC, the multidisciplinary team, the diagnosis can be done by an audiologist or physician.
Risks and precautions

Dr. Ismael Pinto Lucas emphasizes the importance of having a multidisciplinary team, for the correction though it seems a simple procedure, which is in most cases, may have peculiarities in different types of lingual brakes with different sizes and degree of fiber and density.

Source: CRO
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