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Separate Professional and clinical management


Separate Professional and clinical management

Often the dentist doesn´t know if he is or if he has a business. During the consultations, there are action needs, such as offering a new service at the clinic, doing strategic partnership with another business market that has the same target, hold meetings with employees etc. Commonly, our customers (entrepreneurs’ dentists) put themselves completely at the head of these operations, but end up abandoning it by the lack of time.

The natural reasoning is simple: if my business needs something that I do; in other words, I am my business. This is a classic mistake from any professional service provider, doctors, lawyers, architects and dentists. They think a lot alike and this thought is derived from technicalities training, in which it is the production tool and trained to deliver the service.

However, with the evolution of the office to the clinic format, several tasks end up being incorporated into everyday life, so it is virtually impossible to run all of them by just one person.
As there is an operational organization of weakness on the part of the professional, coupled with the lack of people management methodologies, both end up happening: either he takes and fails for lack of time, or demand for someone and get stressed because the task is not fulfilled satisfactorily, since there was no training and adequate control .

So this does not happen, it is necessary that the professional understands that the business needs to be managed. He must direct and manage actions much more than personally, therefore, needs to know the operational and management people´s methodologies.

A summary strategy would be:
Arrange on a spreadsheet all actions necessary for the business;
During a news conference, organize the priority of these tasks;
Elect responsible for each task;
Make sure that the person responsible knew what to do;
Determine actions;
Make quick weekly meetings to monitor.

This sequence, simple and short, from a labor organization will already be of great value to the administrative and strategic actions.

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