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Saliva can be an indicator in Alzheimer's research


Saliva can be an indicator in Alzheimer's research

A study presented new evidences that saliva could be used to diagnose Alzheimer's disease. According to the World Health Organization estimated that 47.5 million people suffer from dementia worldwide, and the disease is the most common cause. However, it is often diagnosed lately, and this process, besides being expensive, it is invasive.

The lead researcher, degree in neuroscience from the Alberta University, reported that the study shows a strong association between certain substances in saliva and cognitive skills. Among survey participants were patients diagnosed with Alzheimer's, others with mild cognitive impairment as well as people with normal cognitive aging. The saliva samples analysis showed that higher levels of certain metabolites in Alzheimer's disease and cognitive impairment group had worse performance with episodic memory in comparison to the other group.

The advantage, according to the researcher, is that saliva is easily obtained and shows promising potential for the cognitive decline control. But caution: the studies are only at an early stage and still need to perform a lot of research. In addition to identifying the disease, saliva could contribute to greater understanding of the metabolic component of Alzheimer's disease, which is still a mystery to experts.

Source: Dental Tribune
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