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Retired bill that provided the amalgam use´s prohibition


Retired bill that provided the amalgam use´s prohibition

After technical note analysis presented in a meeting with the general coordinator of Oral Health from the Ministry of Health, Rozangela Camapum, and dental professionals, Congressman Luiz Nishimori decided to withdraw the bill 654/2015, which prohibits use of dental amalgam consisting of mercury in dental restoration.

The decision was considered a victory, as class entities, such as the Goiás Regional Dental Council (GRDC), did not agree with this measure. "The CRDC is against the proposed of dental amalgam use elimination contained at the bill 654/15. The Brazilian Group of Dentistry Teachers, the BADE (Brazilian Association of Dental Education), has come out against the proposal and the Minamata Convention, signed in 2013 by 140 countries, established the gradual reduction of mercury, without, however, prohibit the amalgam fillings in the world", says the GRDC president, Jean -Jacques Rodrigues.

According to the survey done by the São Paulo Dentistry Regional Council (CROSP), the use or not of the amalgam has a direct impact on everyday procedures performed in doctors' offices and dental clinics

Bauru Dentistry School´s professor, University of São Paulo professor and senior researcher at the National Council for Scientific and Technological Development (CNPq), José Mondelli, presented, in a message sent to the author of the bill, some research and articles that provide the amalgam use.

The Public Policies CFO´s chairman, Marco Manfredini says that "the CPP from the CFO argued in early September the bill withdrawal, since there was no scientific evidence in its formulation. Also record the proactivity of the National Oral Health Coordination who promptly met with Dentistry national authorities to defend the position against the bill".