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Mouth breathing can compromise your teeth


Mouth breathing can compromise your teeth

Mouth breathing can compromise your teeth. The shift in breathing pattern , which should be predominantly nasal, usually begins in childhood.

There are many breathing problems that can cause upper airway obstruction and leads some people to adopt mouth breathing: sinusitis, rhinitis and deviated septum, in addition to respiratory allergies. This shift in breathing pattern, which should be predominantly nasal, usually begins in childhood. If not treated on time, can result in the compromise of the patient´s oral health, with abnormal development of the face and dental records, gummy smile, crooked teeth and gingivitis.

According to Katia Regina Izola´s opinion, dentist and coordinator of the specialization course in Orthodontics, School of Professional Improvement of APCD - Central ( Dental Surgeons of Paulista Association), it is important that parents are always well aware not only the frequency with their children manifest respiratory diseases , but also the way they breathe , especially while sleeping . "When the child has some difficulty staying with closed lips, it is very evident. Others just sleep with open mouth or emit nasal sounds during sleep. In any case, these standards - although some parents think that are cute - just show how respiratory crises may be interfering in other areas. Specifically, mouth breathing tends to compromise the development of important bone structure of the face and dental arches. "

The expert explains that child's face development itself is quite influenced by your breathing. "When not treated quickly and properly, her face may grow thin and elongated. Many surgical treatments could be avoided if , as soon as the problem arose , was evaluated and treated by an otolaryngologist and accompanied by an orthodontist , making use of devices to normalize the normal facial growth and proper breathing."

Treatment of shift breathing pattern significantly improves also the quality of life of patients and their behavior, self-esteem, energy level and even their school performance. The dentist alert parents to pay more attention to the breath of their children at this time of year, because there is great variation in temperature. "Children with respiratory problems, temporary or chronic, should avoid environments that favor the proliferation of mites and fungi, as well as animal fur and dust, or even some types of food. In the case of structural changes such as septum deviations, they should also be treated as soon as possible with otolaryngologist".

Source: Associação Paulista de Cirurgiões-Dentistas (APCD)