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Smiles´ Rebilder


Smiles´ Rebilder

Fernando Almas, representative of the Bar Association in the National Health Council (NHC), specializes dentist in oral and maxillofacial surgery. He found that it is possible to make a difference in the world through their knowledge and skills. After graduating, he saw the need for patients with facial deformities their way to help improve people's lives by providing the basic right to smile, starting with the communities where they live. Now serves in various countries and seeks to enable others to work has continued.

The willingness to help came early. From humble beginnings, Dr. Souls won the opportunity to study dentistry and decided to reciprocate to society in some way. So, from colleagues who shared this desire, began Reface (Association to Combat deformities Facial), a non-profit and provides completely free treatment in the state of Goiás. In addition to contributing to improve the quality of life This work has become a great school for those involved.

At the time, in 2011, the waiting list for cleft lip surgery was too great for the limited resources of the National Health System in Goiânia (GO). "There were about 500 people waiting without prospect of service, so we decided to help," says the surgeon. He says that beyond the problem of the queue provided care only contemplated surgery, leaving the rehabilitation side.

The Reface began with five patients, which quickly multiplied. According to Dr. Almas, after one year there was no one waiting to be answered in Goiás. "Since then, we work in association with the peace of mind that the patient is already being treated the same that you wait for surgery," he says. The goal of Reface is to bring the patient back to society in the most humane way possible. Therefore, the treatment takes care of the patient until it is fully restored. In 2014, the project won the Health Prize, the Editora Abril, in the category Oral Health.

The cost of the complete treatment in cases of cleft lip deformity is high. Now reaches the range of $ 25,000, according to the surgeon. Obviously, it is not accessible to the vast majority of the population. To bear this cost, Reface has several donations, including international NGOs who promote the project every surgery performed. However, there is no transfer of funds by the public system. "How 'solve' the problem of queue in Goiás, the system understood that we do not need help and this is not true," he says.

From Goiania to the world
With subsidiary demand in their community, Reface expanded. Reached regions of Brazil where resources are scarce, such as north and northeast, reaching 12 other countries. Among them Peru, Ecuador, Guatemala, Lebanon, Indonesia and Nicaragua.

The work abroad took place through an NGO that initially generated institutional partnership. Logo cooperation has become technical and team Reface went on to give complete service and train people to continue the work on site. "We believe that only treat the patient and go is not ideal, so we train people and take dental equipment to these places," he says.

For Dr. Fernando Souls, the fruits of this labor were made possible because it was done with the heart. Today, providing patients a better life is more than a passion. "It's an obsession, because I live a daily struggle to bring the best for each patient, and no longer know how to live without it."

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