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First visit to the dentist


First visit to the dentist

The expert in taking care of children's teeth is the pediatric dentist. Normally it takes care of 0-12 year’s old children.

The first child visit to the dental office should be as calm and quiet as possible because the first impression is the one that is, and if the child had a good attendance at the first session it will seek to work in the other and that will be good for both the dentist, as for the child and parents.

There are more dentists afraid of children than children with dentists fear. So when the father or mother will take your child to the dentist, the first thing they should watch out for is if the dentist likes children. The child picks up things very easily and it's no use trying to deceive them; the best policy is already in the first session talk frankly with the children about how the dental treatment will be done.

Even if the child does not present with any tooth decay, it would help parents take the child to the dentist's office, for the child's first contact with the dentist.

Unfortunately, today, many parents just take their children to the dentist's office when the child already has some oral problem. The baby teeth have caries, cause pain, infect as much as permanent, if they are not maintained properly.

When the child should begin to brush your teeth? Since appearing tooth at the arcade, these teeth should be clean, not necessarily with a toothbrush, but with sterile gauze or with a clean diaper tip.

Parents should do everything possible to brush their own teeth close to the children, to start them early this habit.

Brushing should be done by parents, at least until the child reaches the age of 7 years. Also note if the child is not ingesting toothpaste as it will be harmful to your body. Flossing is extremely important and should also be done by parents.

About the child feeding, until the age of 6 months, at least, the mother should do everything possible to breastfeed the child at her chest, because breast milk is the most important food for the child with this age.

Source: Portal Arcos, written by Dr. José Donizetti Vieira
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