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Tooth loss is not only an older people problem


Tooth loss is not only an older people problem

Losing teeth is not great concern in youth, but data show that 50 % of Brazilians, between 35 and 45 years, have lost at least 12 teeth. In addition, 80 % of seniors in the country have less than 20 teeth.

According to the dentist, Celso Sanseverino , in Brazil, a country of continental dimensions and with many socio-cultural variations, should be considered a range of possibilities ranging from the difficulty of access to basic information and dental care to the lack of hygiene.

And what about the body?
Obviously functions directly connected to the teeth are affected, such as chewing, swallowing and digestion, but even breathing and posture are compromised by tooth loss. With the movement of the teeth, there is an adaptation of the whole arcade that affects the muscles of the face, head and neck. The joints that connect the jaw to the skull, also suffer, since their position is totally dependent on dental contacts.

"Multiple negative impacts are observed in life quality, especially in relation to social and professional contact. The relationship with aesthetics is undoubtedly the biggest patients’ complaint. Changes in speech, pain and discomfort in ATMS, limitations in jaw movements, difficulty grind food and its digestive consequences are present greater tooth loss," says Sanseverino.

To prevent
As the main cause of tooth loss is linked to oral hygiene, the watchwords are brushing and flossing. "Water supply fluoridation in major centers contributed heavily to make it more resistant enamel, reducing these places the decay rates. Educate the public, especially children, it creates a habit that is culturally embedded in the form of life," says the expert.

It has treatment
There are several ways to replace one or more missing teeth, prosthetic implants, fixed or removable prostheses supported on the remaining teeth. "The important before any intervention is to understand the loss causes, with a correct diagnosis so that treatment effectively has the result to restore the health and aesthetics of the patient."

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