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The secret of oral health is the amount of bristles in your toothbrush


The secret of oral health is the amount of bristles in your toothbrush

Among the soft brushes, the variation in the number of bristles can define the type of brushing required for each person.

Generally, when choosing a dental brush, what counts most is to elect the bristles´ hardness: hard, medium or soft. But even when buying a soft brush, during to brush your teeth, you cannot play its role fully. This is because the bristles´ amount plays an essential role when it comes to brushing your teeth. After all, cleaning must be effective, however, totally essential to assist in the removal of so-called plaque or oral biofilm that constantly deposited on the teeth. And for the brush to perform its role properly, find the number of bristles is the key point.

Consecrated in the market, the 5460 Curaprox brushes are the best example of how the amount of bristles can be crucial for effective and extremely comfortable brushing. It has 5460 soft bristles with only 100 micrometers in diameter (0.10 mm thick ) are made from filaments patented Curen®, a totally different type of microfiber nylon bristle brush of the other existing on the market.

The bristles´ tufts are fixed to the brush head by a process entirely free of adhesives or chemicals. They are only fitted and are retained mechanically preventing the dissolution of potentially harmful to health while performing the brushing of teeth.

According to the Specialist Masters and PhD at USP, Dr. Hugo Lewgoy, "the bristles of toothbrushes Curaprox can reach totally inaccessible places to common brushes and are much more efficient, due to its large amount of bristles, however, always a no traumatic due to its form extreme softness”. Beyond 5460, the Curaprox also has in its line, the Curaprox 3960, with extra soft bristles, suitable for those who need a more moderate softness, who has more gingival calculations, dental plaque or who wore a stiff brush and want to change to a softer.

The brush 3960 CS has 3960 bristles extra soft based on CUREN°, a type of thinner and softer fiber capable of totally disrupt plaque without causing injury or trauma causing gingival retraction. "Due to the large number of bristles and the small diameter of the fibers, with only 120 microns (0.12 mm thick), it is indicated for those who like brushes with slightly firmer bristles" recommends Dr. Hugo. It gives the feel of a medium brush, but never hurt the gum and allows for a smooth transition to the heavyweight brush Curaprox 5460.

CURAPROX: The CURAPROX products reflect decades of research, a deep knowledge of oral hygiene and work in cooperation with leading professional leaders of the world dentistry. These products translate into comprehensive benefits with high quality and sophistication to

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