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The hydrogen peroxide myth for tooth whitening


The hydrogen peroxide myth for tooth whitening

It is very common on the Internet to find "natural" methods that promise to whiten teeth miraculously, but many besides not fulfill the promise, are harmful to health.

Follow the Blog Dental Health matter: It seems kind of silly to say such obviousness, but it is unfortunately necessary: HYDROGEN PEROXIDE DOES NOT CLEAR TEETH.

Rather reluctant in making a post talking about it, despite receiving daily requests from readers who have had enough to see this kind of information be frighteningly shared on social networks , especially Facebook .

I was reluctant because I did not believe there were people who believed that. But have. And just got this assurance when a patient came here in my office with his mouth all burned.

Even if the oxygenated water dispensers do not give written statement for dental whitening, lay unfortunately can ignore it and get hurt.

The message has spread in social networks is higher, but when it comes to our area lies are these:

Dentists wanted to hide it from the people to profit from dental whitening, but scientists were not afraid to say. See the benefits of hydrogen peroxide, a very cheap product, and you will find anywhere
1 - Excellent disinfectant, great for use in the bathroom and the kitchen.
2 – Exterminates mouth germs and also lightens the teeth - Use 1 tablespoon, rinse your mouth for 1 minute and spit.
3 - Let your toothbrush dipped in hydrogen peroxide 10 vol, some people mix with water but I prefer it pure.

Stay clear . If you want to do a dental whitening contact your DENTIST . In addition to using products that were created for this purpose you do not run the risk of intoxication and burn any mucosa.

And if you were one of thousands who shared that crap on Facebook runs there and "unshares". Finds a way and delete it from your profile. Be silly spreading so dangerous information is not okay.

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