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The Osseo integration Legacy


The Osseo integration Legacy

Dentistry took a giant step 50 years ago with the discovery of the phenomenon Osseointegration. Since then, the Implantology opened up a whole horizon of possibilities for Oral Rehabilitation of our patients, with predictable and safe techniques.

This transformation was also a milestone for Prosthodontics, since the prosthesis implant has become one of the most accomplished works in our clinics. We can say that dental implants and prosthodontics today walk side by side, inseparably.

Faced with such a scenario, how to explain the stance of some institutions still spend as little time in their undergraduate courses for the teaching of these two subjects? After half a century of clinical and laboratory studies, the legacy of Osseo integration can´t be stored in a handy box only to specialists.

We know that Brazil has excellent professionals - dentists and TPDs - that make the Brazilian dentistry be recognized among the best in the world. But we can´t delude ourselves by the quality we see in the international circuit of speakers. Within the country, the average level of our professionals is still far short of our needs, unfortunately.

On the day that the Implant becomes a compulsory subject at the undergraduate as well as the basic education of the prosthesis implant, our graduate courses will focus on deepening the wonderful universe of these specialties. It will be a huge gain for dentistry.

The implant specialists and prosthesis of the future are being formed now, this very moment. Knowledge is all there, available to all. What we are hoping to pass on all this treasure to future generations?

I hope that on the next 50 years, we learn a better way share the legacy of Osseo integration.

Source: INPN, by Marco Antonio Bottino