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New Technical Assistance accreditations


New Technical Assistance accreditations

Dentflex has always focused on bringing knowledge to its employees and partner companies. So often, held at the headquarters training on your products.

The last training took place on September, 28, with emphasis on care quality improvement. On that occasion, the technical assistants that attended were: Adriano Correa, from the company Excellente Pontas e Pontas (São Paulo); Thiago Martins, from the company Fgtech (São Paulo); Fernando da Silva, from the company Fgtech (São Paulo) and Nilson Ferreira, from the company Dental Lima (Curitiba-PR). The training was coordinated by technical Reinaldo José de Sousa.

Source: Press Office RGB Comunicação, Information from Reinaldo José de Sousa
Image: Press Release / Dentflex