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New technologies presented at the International Dental Congress that begins on Thursday in Mato Grosso do Sul Capital


New technologies presented at the International Dental Congress that begins on Thursday in Mato Grosso do Sul Capital

From Thursday (27) to Saturday (29) the most renowned from Brazilian and the world dentistry professionals will be in Campo Grande, at the Convention Center Rubens Gil de Camilo, to participate at the 4th MS International Dental Congress. The Congress takes place every three years and this edition will have as its theme: "The Contemporary Dentistry Challenges".

The event lectures will be free. During the three-day Congress, will be presented the latest developments and experiences from different dental industry areas, such as the digital planning smile. A technology that will allow people to visualize in advance how treatment can leave the arcade and dentition most beautiful and functional, even before the professional starts work , as is done before some plastic surgery or haircuts (cosmetology). The matter will be discussed with Dr. Andre Wilson Machado.

Another dentistry exponent in the world who will be in Campo Grande is the Dental surgeon, Sidney Kina, which has revolutionized cosmetic dentistry with ceramic laminates, being very popular for those who want that perfect smile. Most artists have joined the ceramic laminates. Kina minister Aesthetics Dentistry courses in several cities around Brazil, Latin America, Spain and Portugal.

Issues such as mouth breathing, atypical swallowing, TMJ disorders, bruxism, snoring and apnea will also be discussed in the event. Multifunctional treatments for all ages will be presented. This issue will be discussed with Dr. Antonio Bueno.

The event is intended for Dental surgeons, academics and prosthetics. Over a thousand people have signed up. "It will be a great meeting point between professionals, academics and technicians from our area who wish to increase their corporate social networking, exchange experiences and expand their knowledge. We will also have the ideal place for new business. We are working hard , dedication and, above all, focused on our goal, which is to provide the best market convergence , science and technology for the entire MS State Dentistry " , says the ABO -MS president, Carlos Magno de Oliveira Rodrigues.

The 4th Congress will also include a trade fair, where exhibitors from all over the country will present modern and high-tech products. At the event´ scientific grid there are also planned parallel events, such as the IV South Brazilian Meeting of Oral Health, 7th Military Dental Congress and 34th Academic Day of Dentistry.

During the Congress, on Thursday and Friday, there will be social assistance to children, with guidance to oral health, tooth brushing, dental kits distribution and oriented educational theater also related to oral care.

On Thursday and Friday the event starts at 7 am and ends at 6:30 pm. On Saturday, starts at 7 am and ends at 12:30 am. Check out the full schedule on the Congress website:

IV South Brazilian Oral Health Meeting
Event discusses the sector´s public policy

The event, which will be during the Congress, will be held by the CRO- MS (Mato Grosso do Sul Dentistry Regional Council), on August, 27 and 28. The theme will be "Public Oral Health Challenges and Prospects".

The meeting is organized by a group composed of three Regional Councils from the south: CRO- Rio Grande do Sul, CRO- Santa Catarina and CRO- Paraná, in addition to this edition´s host, the CRO –Mato Grosso do Sul (MS). "The CRO- MS began to participate in this event in the last edition in 2013. It came from an invitation of the three states, depending on the public dental from MS always be a reference on the national scene. So we were included in this group to contribute and exchange experiences with these other states ", said the CRO –MS´ president, Francisco Grilo.

The event, which takes place every two years, will bring together federal, state and local representatives, to discuss public dentistry. "We have to think of strategies to improve public service, since 80 % of people in Brazil are Public Health Care users. With the South Brazilian Meeting we will looking for to work the system needs, "said one of the CRO – MS representatives, Oneide Toniazzo .

The meeting is still a way to direct the forces and exchange good experiences. "Each state features two management models implemented in municipalities that may be considered references. So there is a knowledge exchange. Entries are free and can be made through the site of the IV South Brazilian Oral Health -MS Meeting :

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