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Milk can help reduce tooth decay


Milk can help reduce tooth decay

When you eat foods that contain sugar, bacteria in plaque from your teeth produce acids that attack the teeth and can cause decay. Researchers at the University of Illinois at Chicago School of Dentistry conducted a study to see if drinking milk, apple juice or water after eating a cereal with sugar affects the dental plaque´s acidity.
Twenty adult participants visited the site of the study at the University of Illinois at Chicago, once a week for six weeks. Based on a randomly generated computer order, participants completed different tests to study. At weekly visits, they rinsed their mouths with control solution (sugar or sorbitol) or ate cereal with sugar and then drank milk, apple juice, water or did not drink anything.
The researchers, then, measured the acidity levels in the teeth plate of participants at intervals of 30 minutes in the groups of only cereal, sorbitol and sucrose and up to 35 minutes to cereal followed by milk, apple juice or water.
Found that drinking milk after eating cereal was the most helped to low the plaque acidity´s level, followed by water, only cereal and apple juice.
"Discussing the cariogenic food and drinks with patients , dentists and other health professionals should emphasize that the order intake of foods with and without sugar is important and can affect oral health," the researchers said in the article.

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