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Implants - Surgical Technique


Implants - Surgical Technique

Implantology is the branch of dentistry that recovers edentulous spaces by inserting dentures. This is achieved by deploying a biocompatible screw into the bone in the area where the tooth was lost.

This biocompatible material is titanium. It has the capability of osseo integration, i.e. to fuse the bone. The osseo integration due to 'failure' of the body to detect titanium, due to its bioinertes characteristics thus does not happen the formation of fibrous tissue around the implant, thus allowing bone growth around it, forming an intimate contact bone and implant.

The discoverer of osseo integration was the Swedish doctor IP Bränemark; inserting titanium blades on the fibula of rabbits, in their experiments, reported a certain difficulty in time to remove them. By studying them, he noticed the intimacy between bone and titanium. Dr. Bränemark resided in Brazil, Bauru, where he created a research center in Implantology.

"Since 1960, there have been various types of implants; however osseo integrated titanium implants have been most successful with up to 95% success rate. With the implant are made from single to large rehabilitations total rehabilitation".

Source: Ortoblog