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Dental implants: 3 care before you make it


Dental implants: 3 care before you make it

Teeth loss can be recovered with dental implants. The technique is quite safe and we now have close success rates of 96 % returns aesthetics and masticatory function with a lot of predictability. However, there are 3 cares you need to have before placing dental implants. If you want to have a safe treatment and no unpleasant surprises in the future, so stay tuned.

The first concern is to have imaging and blood tests carried out to date and of good quality. The specialist in implants will order these tests and it is from them that their planning will be held. Importantly, the structure of the face, bones and gums can be assessed by physical examinations (those performed in the dentist's chair), but imaging studies reveal the two and three dimensional structure that each candidate for dental implants has. Blood tests help the dentist to make sure that the patient is able to receive the implants. The main risks are related to healing. So platelets and the overall defense cells need to be within normal levels. There are other important factors too, but who should better guide you is your trusted dentist.

The second caution is to have reliable information on brands, types of implants and even types of prostheses that you are acquiring. It is important to remember that the dentist’s ability is fundamental, as well as their technical knowledge about implants, but we should also consider that there are dozens of materials, types of implants, types of prosthesis on implants, types of teeth, etc. Each material has specific indications and behaves better for some people. Understanding what will be installed in your body can avoid future disappointments. Once you understand all this there is still a special care: have a contract with your dentist where these components, treatment periods, payment and other details of your case are recorded. This security is for the dentist and for the patient as well as being a legal requirement.

The third and most important care is: trust your dentist. The choice of the professional who will take care of your health is the key success factor of any treatment. In this regard some very important tips are:
1 - Talk to friends and search for information. Top performers leave good impressions on their patients and this is a great indicator.

2 - When talking to your dentist, see if he's just trying to please you making a lot of promises or if it really considers what is best for you, what's limitation to your case and if your health condition is favorable to safely implant, and

3 - Run of easy promises: low and excessive facilities are generally obscure tricks to conquer innocent or unsuspecting people. Remember that dentistry is a profession and, like all others, no one works for free. Be wary of free scans, easy promises and mainly lack of clarity as to the first and second items of this article.

What the dentists´ vast majority want is to see you smiling happily and safely.

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