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Zirconium Implant - A new future


Zirconium Implant - A new future

Zirconia (Zr02), a ceramic material with the widespread use and good long-term results in orthopedics medical implants area, was recently suggested as a material for dental implant.

They have been used in Europe for over a decade with excellent biocompatibility and stability. They may not be suitable in some cases, however, an excellent choice.

Zirconia is radiopaque, extremely hard, wear resistant, and chemically inert. Its color ivory, similar to the color of a natural tooth, makes it useful in critical areas, aesthetically, from the mouth. Moreover, the zirconia can transmit light, which makes this an ideal ceramic for use in aesthetic restorative.

The successful use of zirconia as a material for dental implants has been demonstrated in several studies, some research achieved an overall success rate of 98% after an installed implant.

Furthermore, the inflammatory response, and bone resorption induced by the ceramic particles are much smaller than those induced by titanium particles, suggesting the biocompatibility of zirconia. Zirconia, titanium as a substitute, possesses good physical properties such as high resistance to deflection with a force of 900 to 1200 Mpa and a hardness of 1200 HV.

Source: Ortoblog