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Shocking images show how sugar can destroy children's teeth


Shocking images show how sugar can destroy children's teeth

Sugar can become a hazard to the children's teeth health. According to DailyMail information site, the children don’t have the habit of brushing your teeth if they are not required to do it, and the lack of care with oral health can bring extremely devastating effects on the teeth, as you can see in gallery images.

It is increasingly common in dental offices find young children with tooth decay problems. And that is very dangerous.

Besides brushing, parents need to be aware of the type of feed they give to their children. According to experts, the main cause of tooth decay in children is linked to the sugar in soft drinks.

According to the dentist surgeon Sophie Beaumont, even very young children, of less than two years, have had to go through the teeth removal procedures because of excessive decay. She also said that many of the children come to the dental office with serious harm to tooth enamel, and often even more serious situations.

The worst is that many parents do not realize the problem until the child is suffering a lot of pain and it ends up creating a bad first impression of the visit to the dentist.

Parents need to regulate the amount of soft drinks that give to children. We cannot put the drink in the baby bottle. The teeth are not prepared for this reaction with sugar.

Bacteria that stay in the mouth feed on the sugar remains and will breaking the tooth enamel. If children do not brush their teeth, the bacteria are gaining strength and the teeth are increasingly affected.

Importantly, even diet sodas, ready to drink juices and other beverages such as sports drinks also have a lot of sugar and the amount ingested should be controlled. To eat less this type of food is important, but still a good brushing is essential for maintaining healthy teeth.

Source and Image: R7 Notícias. Available in: Access: 27/10/2015