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Older people are more likely to develop oral diseases


Older people are more likely to develop oral diseases

Future projections by the United Nations Organization (UNO ) recorded the significant increase in the elderly population in the world .

Only in Brazil the number of elderly reaches 23.5 million seconds Pnad (Sample National Survey by Household), and they are more likely to develop some oral diseases such as dry mouth, root caries, problems in prostheses , periodontal diseases, oral mucosa lesions (candidiasis, leukoplakia, etc.) and oral cancer.

Because of so many problems, the elderly need extra care when it comes to oral health, because if treatment is not fast and correct the condition may worsen.

The president and dentist Paul Zahr, of OdontoCompany, dental clinic that is more than 20 years at the market, says that preventive care like monitoring every six months with a dentist and periodic tests is the best way to avoid uncomfortable.

A common disease in the elderly is gingivitis, an inflammation of the gingiva which may progress and reach the alveolar bone.

This problem can appear at any age, but older people are more sensitive to it.

"The plaque must be removed every day by brushing and flossing, but the bacteria it contains can infect not only your gums and the area around the teeth, but eventually reaching the tissue beneath the gums and the bone that supports teeth", he says.

According to the Dentistry Brazilian Association less than 8% of the elderly have totally healthy gums, a number that scares professionals.

For this statistical change, Dr. Paul lists some oral problems that appear in old age and gives tips on prevention.

Sensitivity: oral sensitivity worsens with age is normal to gum recession exposing areas of the tooth that are not protected by enamel, causing pain when affected by hot or cold foods and beverages.

In such cases it is best to use appropriate toothpaste.

If the problem insists, look for a dentist, as the sensitivity can be indication of decay or fractured tooth.
Dry mouth: is a very common problem in old age, most often caused by excessive medication.
In this case, is recommending always look for a dentist as soon as possible so that the condition is treated, but the teeth may be affected.

Other diseases: diseases such as diabetes, heart problems and cancer can affect oral health.
Ideally, look for a dentist and expose these health problems so he check his mouth was affected in some way and start the appropriate treatment.

Dentures: many seniors make use of dentures, but need some special care.

Carefully follow the instructions of the dentist, and whenever something out of the ordinary, to consult it.

For those who use permanent dentures it is necessary to make a general oral examination at least once a year.

Gingivitis: a problem that affects people of all ages, especially the elderly people.
What generates and exacerbates gingivitis is poor diet, inadequate oral hygiene, diseases such as diabetes, smoking and medications that can influence gum problems.

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