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Humanization and commitment: Dentistry´s key factors


Humanization and commitment: Dentistry´s key factors

The clinic´s success is not sustained only by the quality of the professionals, but also by the way of care.

If your dental office or clinic has procedures that lead the customer to feel that you:
- Forces them to follow inconvenient procedures;
- Refuses to pass information and guidance ;
- Reject legitimate requests for help ;
- Tries to push service to them.

So probably the final perception of your clients is that you charge expensive. See how marketing is interesting: the more you decrease the perception of cost more can increase the perception of value. And it has value, how much you pay is worth it, because the customers are left with the impression that they take advantage, and they love it.

So, starting today, your biggest challenge is not to let your business develop a way of working that is good for those who work, but to who pays for the service delivered. How many times have you seen someone who was treated in health care say it was processed like cattle (hospitals are good examples)? Because, often, the feeling is exactly this one.

Escape production mentality, restructure to serve. For this, make sure that your team does not make mistakes, such as apathy, cold, condescending, behave like robot, causing the impression that she follows rulebooks, always being the counter or just evasive.

Much of its current customers come from word of mouth. Who delivery services relies heavily on this form of growth, but word of mouth is born of the perception of value. Thus, the humanization of care, commitment, attention and, above all, the ability to be empathic do much more successful word of mouth than good technique, although this cannot miss at all.

It is important to pay attention because the dose of humanization, commitment, attention and empathy should vary according to the target audience. Younger not like much attention, but love you recognize your individuality (empathy). Older, by contrast, want undue attention in the form of long conversations, not always possible for the professional, but perhaps feasible in the figure of a public relations professional.

Think about it and care not to automate your business in health. People expect more than a good process of clinical care.

Source: inpn, by Cláudio Gór Gonçalves
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