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Keep going without brushing your teeth increases inflammation´s chances


Keep going without brushing your teeth increases inflammation´s chances

Be honest, how is your oral hygiene? If you are not neat, better rethink your habits. Research carried out for a BBC series shows that poorly maintained mouth can damage the immune system. Chronic inflammation of the gums, for example, further increases the chances of diseases like dementia and diabetes. Data are from the Daily Mail.

For the series, Christoffer Van Tulleken, infectious specialist, spent two weeks using a gum shield on one side of the mouth while brushing your teeth, so that side was not clean. After that, all his teeth were brushed and he noticed bleeding gums for developing a smooth gum disease ( gingivitis).

The Iain Chapple´s analysis, professor at the Faculty of Dentistry, University of Birmingham , England, showed that , by not brushing your teeth for just two weeks , the doctor had damaged your immune system . Laboratory tests showed that his white blood cells , the soldiers from the immune system , had become less effective in advancing against an infectious invader when presented to them . Thus, the whole body was ignited as a result of infection in the gums.

Science has revealed that chronic inflammation seriously affects the rest of health. It is strongly linked to the development of diseases such as cardiac disease, type 2 diabetes, Alzheimer's disease , stroke and cancer . So, if you let the gum disease becomes chronic, you can have irreversible damage.

Dietary Standard
The feeding time can interfere with healthy teeth. If you eat sugar, there is a period of danger when the enamel is at risk of erosion due to the acidic environment that arises, that will correct itself if it lasts little. So consuming sweets for breakfast, lunch and dinner , no problem. But if you eat exactly the same amount of sugar, but in five-minute intervals throughout the day , your mouth will remain acidic throughout the day , raising the danger.

To prove this detail , the series proposed an experiment to a family composed by a couple and six children. Half of the members ate sweets several times between meals, while the other half consumed them only at the end of them . By measuring the acidity of the mouth every hour , it was found that the levels were more dangerous in that ingested more times throughout the day .

Cheap brushes X electric expensive brushes
It is not the quality of the brush that counts. The quality and duration of brushing that really make a difference. " Do not rinse and spit is crucial. The only thing useful in toothpaste is fluoride, and do you want it to stay on your teeth all night ? So do not rinse and spit while brushing or even later, " wrote the doctor Tulleken .

Whitening kits do not work
For many people , dental hygiene is not enough , they want whiter teeth . A survey conducted last year by Mintel found that more than 1 in 10 British people had used a whitening product in the previous month.

But whitening kits for sale in markets and pharmacies do not work. A survey with four different kits and 12 volunteers to test them showed no visible difference in the color of teeth. This is because there are maximum levels of security allowed for bleaching agent to prevent damage to tooth enamel . Only dentists treatments are effective.

The Tulleken doctor also tested a kit. After 10 days, we did not notice visible difference , only made him more aware of yellowing of your own smile . And as dentists explained , yellowing is not a sign of the health of the teeth, but it is mostly genetic. The interior of the tooth is yellow, and so if its enamel is translucent, shows more of the internal side.

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