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Addressing people: the leadership force


Addressing people: the leadership force

People management is the most intense job, stressful and difficult for an organization, especially when providing services where the human relationships between people in the organization and customers are straightforward.

Therefore, is really important must be a good leader or manager before requiring employees´ high performance. Thus, the team feedback leading will be favorable to increased performance and improved organizational climate.

Below, you can see some actions that can contribute to the management capacity improvement:
- Act always a matter of urgency: if a problem or conduct failure is identified, do not waste time and resolve it immediately. Realizing that an employee is unsure or uncomfortable with a situation, pay aid and be ready to serve them. Always be prepared to practice sincere compliment;
- Pay attention to details: be prepared to constantly review and adapt the service processes, seeking continuous evolution and exceeding customer expectations;
- Be passionate: have the ability to influence people by their passion, strength of character and, above all, will;
- Mobilize people to seek collective goals, as well, will benefit individually for their efforts and contribution;
- Communicate and always be honest in their dealings;
- Allow the error: when it happens, do not miss the opportunity to use it in favor of learning;
- Be fair when evaluating an error: try to identify the reasons that caused before you accuse or criticize an employee;
- Give a good example to his team fully trust in you.

Similarly, there are behaviors and attitudes that affect the good relationship between the command and staff and, therefore, should be avoided:
- Centralization (difficulty to delegate);
- Discouragement (easy to demotivate);
- Laziness (not work for propensity);
- Rudeness (missing with respect);
- Bad mood (nervousness, anger and aggression).

Finally, I will cite a phrase from Dale Carnegie, best sellers author How to Win Friends and Influence People: "It is naive to believe that people will react always favorably to such human relationship approaches, but experience shows that, with these principles, it is more attitudes can change, and if you increase your probability of success in relationships in only 10%, you will become 10% more efficient as a leader".

So do not be in compliance, roll up your sleeves and make sure what should be done!

Source: inpn, written by Marinho Pinheiro Teixeira
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