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Tips for maintaining oral health


Tips for maintaining oral health

You learn to brush your teeth in childhood and repeats this action throughout life . Once, twice , three times ... However, in an automatic gesture , do not always realize that we are doing something wrong. Make sure you are doing the right thing with the tips below. Or change what you need. Your mouth will thank you.

- " Choose carefully your brush : it must be soft , medium head, to achieve all ' corners ' . And replace it every three months, " teaches Hugo Roberto Lewgoy , teacher at the specialization course in Dentistry and aesthetics, at Associação Brasileira de Odontologia ( ABO ).

- Avoid brushing your teeth too hard , not to wear the translucent layer of enamel. Write sweeping motion with the brush , gum to the end of each of the teeth both on its inner face and in the outer .

- Before start dental hygiene , make a mouthwash with water to decrease the chance of food getting stuck in the brush.

- If you cannot carry out cleanup immediately after a meal , consume food " detergents " as carrot and apple , which help remove debris. " Sugarless chewing gum are also a good alternative , " says the dentist Andrea lancia (SP ) .

- Do not forget the floss, it cleans where the toothbrush cannot reach . Use it at least before going to sleep , because during sleep there is a decrease in saliva, causing a perfect environment for tooth decay.

- In the bag , keep the brush in the package itself .

- Brush the tongue : bad breath can be caused by bacteria buildup in the region.

- The mouthwashes should be used with caution. Prefer those without alcohol, limiting their use to two or three times a week , just before going to sleep .

- The use of dental bleaching creams should be done under dental orientation, because its formulation may contain abrasives that create grooves in the teeth. These locations when exposed to dyes of drinks, can stain.

- It is worth remembering : keep off cigarettes , the excess coffee, cola soft drinks, and drink red wine in moderation , to avoid stains.

- Get into the habit of going to the dentist at least once every six months.

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