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Diabetics are more likely to develop gingivitis and periodontitis


Diabetics are more likely to develop gingivitis and periodontitis

The disease affects 380 million people worldwide, 14 million Brazilians.

The diabetes´ manifestation is associated with elevated glucose levels in the blood. This happens when the body - especially the pancreas - cannot absorb the amount of sugar produced by the body through food.

Because of its characteristics, it is also one of the most responsible for gingivitis and periodontitis´ cases. Both diseases interfere at the glycemic index control due to the bacteria transient presence in the blood.

"At the first case, just see if the gums are very red, sore, swollen and bleeding. If this is associated with receding gums, teeth softening and losing, and sensibility near to the root, the situation may have evolved to periodontitis" explains Dr. José Henrique de Oliveira, INPAO Dental Operations and Accreditation Director, specialist agency in dentistry.

According to the professional, the patient who develops these conditions needs to see a doctor to assess whether there is a possibility that he had developed diabetes. "A dentist is able to assess whether these oral manifestations are related to the disease, but it is always better to hear the opinion of an expert," he warns.

Other symptoms that can facilitate this identification are dry mouth, bad breath, the oral bleeding trend and implant placement failure. To guard against these oral lesions is necessary to periodically visit a dentist, urgently improve oral hygiene and make balanced feeds.

It is worth remembering that people with diabetes or pre-diabetes have higher heart disease´s risk, such as stroke and other vascular conditions attached.

Source: Odontomagazine
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