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Athletes' performance is strongly affected by the nozzle health


Athletes' performance is strongly affected by the nozzle health

Late last week, there was the 1st International Sports Dentistry Congress, promoted by the São Paulo Association of Dental Surgeons (APCD) - an entity that brings together 40,000 associates around Sao Paulo State. During the event, leading experts from Brazil, the United States and Japan had news about the sport of Dentistry - specialty that is attracting more and more attention of dentists. According to Neide Coto, scientific coordinator of the Congress, a few years from now, the sports segment realized how important it is within the general health status of athletes; expect a tip of dental care.

"Dental problems often affect a significant portion of athletes during competitions like the Olympics and World Cup, for example. After all, who ever felt tooth pain sometime in their lives knows how hard to focus on anything other than the pain itself", says the expert. "The role of the dentist with the athletes begins with simple measures such as encouraging the use of dental floss and more frequent tooth brushing. After all, healthy teeth contribute in fact to ensure the performance of athletes."

More specialized and sophisticated, elite athletes require much time and investment in ancillary ways to improve their performance. "In addition to preventive dental care, which requires little or no extra effort, count on a good dentist at the sports club is fairly consistent marginal performance gains. By the way, in some cases, neglecting oral health can mean the difference between a gold medal and the silver, "says the coordinator.

The training routine and diet of high-performance athletes can contribute to the emergence of oral diseases, warns Neide Coto. "One of the recurring problems is dry mouth, which can further compromise oral health. After all, the saliva contributes enough to protect teeth from decay and erosion. Isotonic and energy drinks, which have high sugar content and acidity, can also harm the teeth, since they act in the erosion of the enamel that protects the dentin and pulp of the tooth, resulting in increased sensitivity and pain. Importantly, it is not necessary to give up the hydration and replenishment of mineral salts, but take steps to protect your teeth. The replacement of acidic beverages with water is recommended."

There are coaches and trainers who prefer that consultations take place always in the preseason, when usually all other specialties (medicine, exercise physiology, nutrition, psychology, physical therapy, etc.) are also activated. "Overall , our role is to keep the free athlete of cavities and facial pain, periodontal disease (gum) problems related to the third molar (wisdom tooth) and enamel erosion and ensures the facial protection with clothing protectors oral and facial for the sport - valuing thus not only the aesthetics of the smile, but the health of the athlete".

Source: Dr. Neide Coto, dentist, scientific coordinator of the 1st International Congress of Sports Dentistry, promoted by the São Paulo Association of Dental Surgeons (APCD) and chaired by Dr. Reinaldo Brito e Dias. The event takes place at the organization's headquarters, at Rua Voluntários da Patria, 547 - Santana. More information:

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