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DENTFLEX at the CIORJ 2015


DENTFLEX at the CIORJ 2015

The Rio de Janeiro International Dental Congress - CIORJ 2015 takes place every two years in Rio de Janeiro capital and presents numerous innovations developed by national and international companies for the dental market . This year, the congress was held during the 15th to the 18th of July and the Dentflex , once again attended the event .

Represented by a highly skilled professionals´ team, the company led to the Rio de Janeiro the most innovative and technological at the product lines: prophylaxis, high and low speed , surgery and implant. The flagship , this time, was the launch of two products : the Pink Academic Kit and the Prevention Kit. The Academic Kit, already known to all clients for its quality , has won a charm more, now, with the release of the pieces in pink. Already the Prevention Kit pleased the public to be composed of the Ultrasonic Scaler - Cavflex 6000 and the bicarbonate jet - Jetflex I. Two successful innovations in sales since the event started.

In addition to presenting innovations in product and technology, Dentflex, during Congress like this one, takes opportunity to develop a great relationship with their customers through direct service at the stand . The same happens with representatives spread across the states of our country ; time to delegate new tasks , improve customer services and learn more about the innovations . The Dentflex team say thank you all customers and friends for visiting during the CIORJ 2015 .