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3D printed teeth can be a caries´ solution.


3D printed teeth can be a caries´ solution.

If you lost a tooth, a 3D printed prosthesis can be a solution, not only to close the hole, but also to prevent future caries.

This is what suggests a study published by the Groningen University, Netherlands, and named as “3D-Printable Antimicrobial Composite Resins”.

The research verified that the 3D printed and made by resin and special salt combination tooth can prevent the caries development.

Prosthesis was considered kind of teeth protector, because it can be the definitive solution for those who suffer with this problem.

It works this way: when implanted inside the mouth, the protector tooth has the power to explode the bacterium membrane responsible for caries development.

The action takes place thanks to the components present in 3D tooth.

Lack careful!
In Brazil, recent data from the IBGE showed that more than half of Brazilians do not go to the dentist every year.

The same survey also found that 53 % of people use brush, paste and floss to make the daily cleaning.

Source:, written by Daniela Barbosa
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