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Check out tips for sensitive teeth


Check out tips for sensitive teeth

There are people able to move a car just pulling a rope with their teeth. Others, on the other hand, feel pain when taking a simple brewed coffee or enjoying an ice cream. These are people who have sensitive teeth and have to endure the pain and limitations for not knowing that the problem is treatable. " Patients describe the pain like a shock. Some are sensitive to heat and cold. The most sensitive feel uncomfortable even when brushing teeth or use dental floss , "says the dentist Marcelo Rezende.


According to him, broken or cracked teeth can trigger this increase in sensitivity . " The main cause is related to the wear of the tooth enamel. By losing this protection, the heat, the cold and the acidity of the food contact with the teeth´s nerve cells and cause pain . "
Treatment usually begins with a daily fluoride mouthwash . But the expert reveals that this approach can take up to present favorable results. " Ideally, in addition to making use of fluoride for desensitization of teeth, the person to undergo other treatments such as fluoride gel applications every six months to strengthen the enamel , or even in the most severe cases, use a special sealant to " shield " the root of the tooth.

See now nine tips for those who have sensitive teeth:

1- Use brushes with soft bristles and rounded tips
2- Brushing should always follow a circular and smooth motion. Never horizontal with a lot of pressure ;
3- Avoid whitening toothpastes and, if possible , would prefer those developed specifically to control the sensitivity of the teeth ;
4- Escape the homemade solutions based on sodium bicarbonate ;
5- Avoid bleaching treatments without medical advice;
6- Consult your dentist about the fluoride gel application benefits , especially in phases of acute pain ;
7- Avoid acidic fruit juices such as orange, lemon and pineapple. The acidity can worsen the problem of sensitivity ;
8- Season the salad with olive oil and salt , leaving the vinegar because of its high content of acidity ;
9- Never stop to brush your teeth at least twice daily , and visit your dentist regularly .