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Caring for your FX 200 PB


Caring for your FX 200 PB

Product Maintenance Guidelines (when necessary):
Effective method for low speed lubrication:
- Keep the bottle upright, insert the applicator on the handpiece air intake part and inject oil for 2 seconds, until oil emerges at the handpiece´s head.
- Lubricate the product when you start your working hours, in addition, the lubrication should be performed prior to each sterilization cycle, in order to keep better product preservation.

NOTE: In the straight and angled surgical handpieces, inject distilled water behind, engage at the air micromotor, and with a clean cloth put under the tip to remove the dirt.

Repeat the operation until the distilled water begins to come out clean.

After surgery, engage the Contra Angle 20:1 at the air micromotor; dip the Contra Angle head in a glass of distilled water and trigger the air micromotor for 4-5 minutes in order to remove the salt and blood that kept inside the head before each sterilization cycle, and at the end of the working day.

Disassembly for cleaning and disinfection:
With the contra angle´s key unscrew the nut, thus separating the head and the front assembly transmission from the equipment body. Perform cleaning and disinfection and reassemble equipment using the key.

Heads up:
After cleaning, make the contra angle and its components drying.

Before autoclaving the Contra Angle 20:1 (already properly lubricated) - engage it again to the air micromotor and trigger its operation for about 20 seconds, with the Contra Angles´ head down, thereby removing oil excess in order to avoid a damage at the Electric Micromotor.

The Contra Angle is able to use up to 45 Newton torque.

General Guidelines:
- Use Drill in good condition and with appropriate measure;
- The Product´s Manual Instruction contains additional information.

We reiterate that the product´s correct use increases its lifetime and prevents problems.