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Eating cheese can help prevent tooth decay


Eating cheese can help prevent tooth decay

Researchers randomly assigned 68 participants aged between 12 and 15 into four groups: cheese, milk, unsweetened yogurt and control ( paraffin) . Participants chewed or mouthwash food test for three minutes and then rinsed their mouth with water. They measured the pH of dental plaque in four different mouth points of each participant before consumption , and after 10 , 20 and 30 minutes later.

Participants in milk, unsweetened yogurt and paraffin groups showed no significant changes in the pH of the mouth. The pH those who ate cheese, however, grew rapidly at each interval, which suggests that the cheese has anticariogenic properties.

A pH lower than 5.5 exposes the person to the dental erosion risk, process which wearing tooth enamel. When the pH is highest then 5.5, the lower is the probability of caries development, explains Vipul Yada , lead author of the study.

The findings show that raising the pH in the cheese group may have occurred because of the increased saliva production, which may have been caused by chewing. In addition, several compounds found in cheese can adhere to tooth enamel and help protect your teeth against acid.

" It seems that the dairy products are good for mouth ," says the spokesman of the General Dental Academy, Dr. Seung- Hee- Rhee . Dairy products are not only an alternative to snacks with sugar or carbohydrates , they can also be considered as a preventive against caries.

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