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Tooth whitening devitalized


Tooth whitening devitalized

The aesthetics of the smile has gained strength within the alternatives for beauty. Ally the constant trend to more clearly and white smiles, tooth whitening evolves into a more viable and sound alternative. In the current market, there are several proposals for materials and techniques, leaving the clinician decision and the knowledge to choose the material and the technique to be employed. In this case report, a 48 year old female patient sought treatment complaining of having a blackened tooth for 13 years, and that was impacting on their appearance. Used bleaching agent is 35% hydrogen peroxide based technique "walking bleach" for 3 days. The application was repeated 4 times and thus obtained the desired aesthetic result, matching the color of the neighboring teeth. We can conclude that the whitening devitalized teeth prove to be an excellent alternative when combining the correct choice of material the correct application technique.

Source: APCD
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