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Green Tea leaves healthier teeth and gums


Green Tea leaves healthier teeth and gums

Did you know that regular consumption of green tea leaves your teeth and gums healthy ? The result of a survey conducted by Yoshiro Shimazaki , of Kyushu University , and published by the Journal of Periodontology , shows that were examined three factors: periodontal pocket depth, attachment loss of gum tissue , and bleeding on probing of the gum tissues . It was found that for each green tea cup consumed per day, there was a significant decrease in all indicators, pointing to a lower incidence of periodontal disease in individuals who drank the tea regularly . According to the dentist Ana Bezerra, "catechin, antioxidant present in this drink , inhibits the growth and adherence of specific bacteria causing periodontal diseases . Thus, reducing the amount of microorganisms in the mouth, can control the appearance of the plaque.”

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