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Oral cancer: talk to your patients about it


Oral cancer: talk to your patients about it

Any injury in the mouth that remains for a long time can behold oral cancer. This disease has cure, but you need to identify it early so that the necessary treatment is applied. So it is very important to guide patients to undertake mouth self-examination constantly.

Here are some tips to guide you:
1- Before the mirror, good lighting, palpate the neck comparing the right side to the left in search of any wrongdoing.
2- Note the lips in search of white or dark spots and sores.
3- Pull the upper lip up and lower down and examine the inside on both sides.
4- Place your tongue out as much as possible. Note the top and see if there is difficulty to move it.
5- Even with his tongue out, tilt your head up. Have someone observe if there is any change in his throat and palate.
6- Pull the tip of the tongue to the right and then to the left, looking both ways.
7- Place the tip of the tongue on the palate and look under the tongue.
8- Examine the inside of the cheeks and also the gums.
9- In the case of wounds, bumps, warts, white or red patches, you need to look for a professional dentist.

It is worth reminding patients that smoking, especially if associated with very frequent consumption of alcoholic beverages is one of the factors that increase the chances of occurrence of oral cancer.

Source: Colgate Professional
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