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Biology and Endodontic technique


Biology and Endodontic technique

Popularly known as 'root canal', this disease has a high incidence in the Brazilian and world population. It is estimated that almost all people over 50 years old have had to undergo, at least once, to dental procedures to tackle the problem, which causes damage to the structures around the tooth root. If not resolved, the patient may lose the tooth or, in some situations, the infection can spread to other parts of the body such as the heart and brain. This disease treatment, therefore, must be highly effective.

Significant contribution to the formation, improvement and updating a large number of Brazilian dentists who care for patients with this profile, the work "Endodontic: Biology and Technology" has 15 years and arrives in its 4th extensively updated edition with new chapters and more of 1500 photographs, including microscopy, x-rays and clinical cases.

The book brings the great advances in the area in recent years, in basic and applied knowledge and apical root canal´s diagnosis and treatments - one of the most common ailments affecting humans.

Source: Odontomagazine
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