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Philips App to make children brush their teeth works better than it should


Philips App to make children brush their teeth works better than it should

Philips released last month an application that connects to your electronic brush teeth via Bluetooth. The application, which also has a version with a game for children, allows brushing is traced in detail, which for kids is great. But this matching game with the brush brought an unexpected effect: the children were addicted to it.

The application, called Sonicare for Kids, has a character that need to have his teeth brushed and reward children who spend at least two minutes brushing the four mouth quadrants - both the character as their own. As a reward, the application gives achievements and allows kids to customize the character called Sparkly - and therein lays the problem. Play with Sparkly was so addictive that children left sleeping to stay playing.

Upon receiving complaints from parents telling about the gambling´s problem, Philips has updated the program. After this update, the Sparkly started to get tired after brushing and was not any interaction until the next day brushing.

Interestingly, the Philips application change list only describes that was "added a new campaign at the application to improve the user experience". Only failed to warn that the experience was actually less headache for parents .

Below is a video explaining how the application works.

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